Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid Graffiti

Last week I took the Parsons chair that we use as a desk chair to the upholstery store for reupholstering. I needed a replacement desk chair so I grabbed a slipcovered chair from the dining room. When I took the slipcover off, I found this little stick figure drawn on the seat cover underneath:

I think it was drawn in pencil. I wonder what was going through my child's mind when he/she decided to draw on the fabric? Probably the same thing that was going through my mind when I was a child and drew on the side of my mattress in marker and then signed the drawing with my sister's name.

Along the same lines, a year or so ago, I found this bit of kid graffiti on the painted wood siding on the rear of our home. It must have been done in black Sharpie since it has not washed off and is immune to the Magic Eraser. I call this piece "The Planter's Peanut Guy." Bears a resemblance, no?

1 comment:

  1. I need to take a picture of the "art" my 6 year-old drew on the wall..

    I think that Planters Peanut guy is pure brilliance!