Friday, May 14, 2010

Attention Walmart shoppers

Yesterday I shopped in a Walmart for the first time in YEARS. I needed white t-shirts for the kids' classmates to sign on autograph day, and it occurred to me while passing by the store on the way home from the auto repair shop that I could likely pick up a multi-pack for cheap ($6.45 for 5, in fact.) It was an alternate universe where no one I saw in the parking lot brought their own bags (except me). And the nail salon I spied from the checkout line prominently advertised their "gel" and "fill" prices. (I guess no one gets a regular mani/pedi there?)

The last time I shopped Walmart I was completely repulsed by their grocery offerings. This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of my favorite Kashi, Cascadian Farm, and Stonyfield Farm products, with good prices to boot. But no organic produce, at least not in the Chamblee, GA location. (Query whether the urban Walmart closer to my home stocks organic produce.) I may now add Walmart to my regular shopping rotation to buy things I normally buy elsewhere, at low prices.

I still refuse to shop Costco or Sam's Club. I'm just not a "buy in bulk" type of gal. My short-lived experiment with bulk shopping ended tragically years ago, when I bought cat food in bulk, stored it in our furnace room, and attracted every rat in the 'hood to our home for a feast.

On that lovely closing note, are you a Walmart shopper? What do you buy there?

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