Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biking in France

"Biking in France" (essay found in my daughter's 1st grade writing journal)

If I could ride anywhere on a bike I would ride to France. I could see my friend at France cause I have a friend who lives in France. I would ride all around France and see the pretty sites. I could learn some French on my bike. I could see how you have a life in a bike in France. I could take a pitch [pit] stop on my bike and try there foods. I could meet all the difrent people in France on my bike. The only word that I would not learn there is bongor [bonjour] because I already know it. But maybe I could learn some words like how are you, nice to meet you or something like that. I would probably buy a new bike at France. I would look at all the dogs at France and see if there are any new kinds of dogs I don't see in Georgia. I would ride all around and see how they spend there life in France. Maybe there lifes are like ours or maybe not like ours at all. I could get a post card with a picture of a cool bike.