Monday, March 21, 2011

Our New Digs

We moved into our new, temporary digs two weekends ago. We'll be here for six months during Phase I of our home renovation. (I'm just hoping to finish the phases before my 9 year old leaves for college.) It looks like a single-family home -- and originally was, in 1911 -- but is actually a duplex with a separate carriage house in the back. I was told that Atlanta's premier milliner originally lived in the home and had her shop on the ground floor. Our landlords bought our unit from John Oetgen, an Atlanta interior designer. (Wonder whether he chose the paint colors, which are working out really well for us.) A nice couple and their dog live in the other unit, and our landlords use the carriage house for their occasional guests.

We're on the left (smaller) side, with small being a relative term as our bedrooms are HUGE (16' x 16'). Although we're in the same neighborhood as our home, the scene over here feels different, more urban as my dog walks around the block pass the High Museum, the Woodruff Arts Center, and various office buildings, yet more green as we're across the street from the largest of our great neighborhood parks.

Demolition has begun on our home renovation, there's a port-a-potty in our front yard, and a layer of what is most likely lead paint dust has settled everywhere. So happy to be here instead of living through that.


  1. I did not know about your renovation. Good luck with it all. I am glad that you are not living through it too. Our neighbor (with 6 kids) lived through a major renovation (including the kitchen). I was so amazed and baffled at how they did that. Hope all is well. Take care.

  2. Hi nice to "meet" you and thanks for stopping by my blog. Your digs are gorgeous! Good luck and happy to find your blog:)